Red caviar with roasted bread and homemade butter

Borsch with duck and minced lard

Herring in fashion coat

Vareniki with cherry and cognac berry sauce

Baltic gift: can sprats with potato bread waffles

Roasted salmon with mussels in fennel cream broth

Herring fillet with roasted potato and pink sause

Oven-smoked beef brisket slowcoored in kvas with potato gratin

Pavlova dessert

Ice cream scoop with black currant homemade jam

Vorshmack with Boikal bread crostini

Cod fillet poached in tender sauce with root vegetables

Kiev style chicken cutlet with greet buckwheat and mushrooms sauce

Beef cheeks in dark meat sauce with farm vegetables

Tanderloin beef stroganoff with crushed potato, mashrooms and bread moss

Our way of Olivier salad

Chocolate truffle desert with bizarre fruit

Honey cake with raspberry

Pork ribs roasted in Tkemali plum sauce with vegetables salad

Crunchy milk mushrooms with greet onion and sour cream snow

Green vegetables with beef tounge and horseradish cream

"One bite" Pirojki

Marble beef tengerloin

Pork chop on the bone

Serbian style pelmeni with beef, pork and dill mousse

Pike cutlets with sauteed vegetables

Bird's Milk cake

Russian crepes with red caviar, mushrooms and salmon

Soup with ural tomatoes and seafood